Dr. Kleanthous Kosmetik GmbH 


power concentrates

c.s.m. gel
anti aging activator

The pure active concentrate supports the natural repairing system of the skin. It instantly makes the skin feel firmer and constitutes the basis fort he c.s.m. cream high performance. After an ultrasound treatment or the daily cleaning, the skin is particularly receptive for highly efficient active substances. Before the skin is now saturated with the c.s.m. cream, the c.s.m. contained in the highly enriched gel penetrate into the skin cells. The soy proteins and the ivy extract help skin retain moisture and activate skin functions. Vitamin A regulates skin hornification while allantoin protects the skin from environmental damage.


XTREME  c.s.m. serum
cell rejuvenation

Our cells and the collagen in our skin are permanently attacked by free radicals. They damage our cell walls, stress the skin and accelerate ageing, thus causing mimic wrinkles and decreasing elasticity. This serum was developed with a clear focus on cell protection and cell repair. Highly concentrated antioxidants and phytohormones make your skin feel sensationally soft, smooth and firm after just a few days of application.