Dr. Kleanthous Kosmetik GmbH 


hair & skin


shampoo extra
c.s.m. enriched


Full strong hair is the result of a healthy scalp and a sufficient nutrient supply of the hair roots. SILIA shampoo contains a mixture of cell supporting molecules developed to satisfy the specific needs of the scalp. It supports the functions of the hair roots and stimulates hair growth. We recommend the use of SILIA shampoo in case of hair loss, thin or fragile hair, dandruff and scalp itching.


body contour
c.s.m. enriched


This special body lotion has a long-lasting moisturising effect. Immediately after application, the skin feels smooth and tighter. Its combination of enzymes, plant active substances and cell supporting molecules (c.s.m.) is simply unique. Its light creamy texture with a fresh lemon fragrance will enhance your well-being day after day. Body contour can also be used as moisturising after sun lotion.